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Première conférence internationale sur le bâillement
First International Conference on Yawning
Paris 24 - 25 juin 2010
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Sleep, sleepiness and yawning
Piero Salzarulo
Iole Zilli
Samir Aboudan
Fiorenza Giganti
Sleep Lab. Dept. of Psychology - University of Florence Via, Firenze, Italy
This paper will discuss the relationship between yawning, sleep onset and awakening from sleep, and sleepiness.Proximity to sleep, before and after, will be examined in several conditions and populations. Also the time course of yawning and sleepiness assessed by subjective estimates will be confronted. Finally the induced (contagious) yawning will be confronted with the temporal trend of the spontaneous one.
Piero Salzarulo
The relationship between yawning, sleep and sleepiness seems evident both from a physiological and a behavioural perspective.
The relationship between yawning, sleep proximity and sleepiness is steady before sleep onset, but not after sleep. Whereas the increase of yawning frequency before sleep onset has been found both in two sleep typologies and in the elderly, the frequency and the yawning time course at the awakening is different as a function of sleep typology and age.
Further experimental studies are necessary. For example, it could be useful to evaluate yawning frequency and time after experimentally induced changes of sleep time and amount (sleep partial restriction or total deprivation), and to use a fine grained analysis of the time course of both yawning occurrence and sleepiness to ascertain if yawning can be considered a behavioural expression of the sleep pressure.