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Première conférence internationale sur le bâillement
First International Conference on Yawning
Paris 24 - 25 juin 2010
Yawning in epileptic seizures with tonic (pandiculation?) and atonic component with sexual automatism in man
Carlo Alberto TASSINARI, Smiljkovic J., Cantalupo G., Rubboli G.
Carlo Alberto TASSINARI and Fiorenza Giganti
Department of Neurological Sciences, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
 Yawning and sexual behavior in human epileptic seizures. a videopolygraphic presentation

Epileptic seizures, particularly those involving, primarily or secondarily, the hypothalamic and lymbic networks can induce vegetative (respiratory, cardiac), thermic and neuroendocrine effects.

Yawning, associated with postural changes (increased or decreased muscular activity of antigravitary muscles) and with sexual automatisms (genital manipulations) can represent an ictal manifestations during epileptic seizures.

In an ethological perspective we can consider that in man yawning is a fragment of a genetically determined behavior, involving approach (sexual?) or avoidance behaviors and comprising sexual displays usually not evident in man, but released &endash;transiently- by the seizure event.