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21 mars 2010
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Première conférence internationale sur le bâillement
First International Conference on Yawning
Paris 24 - 25 juin 2010
Galerie des Photos de FICY

Sleep, sleepiness and yawning, Piero Salzarulo, Samir Aboudan, Fiorenza Giganti

The interplay between yawning and vigilance: a review of experimental evidence, Adrian G. Guggisberg, Christian W. Hess

Yawning across the life span, Fiorenza Giganti

Ethologie : les vertébrés supérieurs non humains, Bertrand Deputte

Ethology : human primates, Wolter Seuntjens

Yawning: A comparative-developmental perspective, James R. Anderson

Yawning and thermoregulation, Andrew C. Gallup, Gordon G. Gallup Jr

Dopamine Agonist-Induced Yawning in Rats: A Dopamine D3 Receptor Mediated Behavior, Gregory T Collins

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Contagious yawning and the brain, Steven M Plate

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Do chimpanzees yawn contagiously ? Matthew Campbell , Frans de Waal

Lack of contagious yawning in autism, Atsushi Senju

Dogs catch human yawns, Atsushi Senju


Yawning and stroke, Ramachandran Meenakshisundaram, Ponniah Thirumalaikolundusubramanian
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The dawn of the yawn: Is yawning a warning ? Linking neurological disorders. Simon B N Thompson