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Yawning in diseases :
consequences and signifiance
O. Walusinski
Yawning is a physiological behavior, an emotional stereotypy that indicates the homeostatic process of the mechanisms regulating rhythms such as sleeping-waking, hunger-satiety or mating-relaxation, generated by the diencephalon. As with all physiological behaviors, its deregulation reveals disorders. However, a property unique to yawning, which is nevertheless physiological, is its ability to trigger certain disorders, and conversely, to cure others !
this text becomes a chapter of the book :
 The Mystery of Yawning in Physiology and Disease
Frontiers of Neurology and Neuroscience tome 28
Karger, Basel 2010
see European Neulogy website
2009 Yawning in diseases
Walusinski O
European Neurology 2009;62(3):180-187
 2018 Yawning in neurology: a review
Teive HAG, Munhoz RP,, Camargo CHF, Walusinski O
Arq Neuropsquiatr 2018;76(7):473-480
Frustration due to an incomplete or inharmonious development of a yawn is a frequent complaint. Yawning is a stretching of respiratory muscles and muscles of the face, and is sometimes associated with a generalized muscular stretching of the trunk and limbs. The yawner perceives differences in muscle tonus, a veritable and conscious extraction of the progress of the phenomenon, of its stimulus and its contextual valence, through interoceptive pathways (projections by the lateral spinothalamic tract onto the insular cortex), leading to a hedonistic perception. The dissatisfaction felt seems to be linked to an unconscious inhibition of the "letting go" that underlies a complete yawn. Therapeutic interventions for anxiety states or for insomnia, such as relaxation or sophrology, do in fact use the control of yawning as a means of relaxation or an anti-stress aid, a veritable proprioceptive rehabilitation of the body scheme (Craig, 2003; Craig, 2009).

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