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19 octobre 2008
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Mannerism of speech and gestures in evryday life
Sandor Feldman
The Nonverbal Basis of Attraction: Flirtation, Courtship, and Seduction
David B. Givens


We are interested in yawning from an emotional and social point of view; but we are mainly interested in it as a way of "nonverbal communication." Its physiology- is beyond our present interest.
In a group, a woman considers a man's yawning as an insult because it indicates that the man is not interested in her as a woman and that he is bored. Both men and women apologize to each other by saying, "It's not the company, it's the hour." But who believes the apology is not "just" courtesy? Everyone has thus apologized even when, in truth, he was bored. The last part of the statement needs further elucidation.
We have all experienced the fatigue that forces us away from company because we are overwhelmed by the need and desire for sleep. If this is obvious, then the yawn causes no hurt. But this is rarely the case. No matter how tired one is (barring emergencies), he can still be alert and attentive if he is intensely interested. But one cannot always be that interested even though he is expected to be. Women, especially, want men to make the supreme effort not to yawn in their company. Good manners require that one should, at least, apologize (it's not the company, etc.) if he yawns.
Under all circumstances, one should cover his mouth. Many people who comply with this social demand do so gladly; there are things in their mouths which they do not want others to see.
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