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8 janvier 2007
Medical Press and Circular.
number 2541, p.28.
Full report of the singular case of
yawning and sneezing
 Lee RJ


Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
Gould GM. Pyle WL. 1896
A girl, 15 years, healthy, cheerful, one of her double teeth (premolar) removed without difficulty or anaesthesia. Half an hour after the operation, she began to yawn.
She yawned for 5 weeks. Yawning except in her quiet sleep, which was normal. No pains, no illness, no derangement of menstrual cycle or other sexual derangements, no hysteric paroxysms.
Treatment: bromide of potassium and belladonna. No effect.

The Medical Press and Circular, 1839-1939.
A Hundred Years in the Life of a Medical Journal. By Robert J. Rowlette.
128 pp. Quarto. London: The Journal, 1939.
Beginning as the Dublin Medical Press on January 9, 1839, later as the Dublin Medical Press and Circular and finally as the Medical Press and Circular, this periodical has led a useful continuous life of a hundred years. In 1839, there were only two medical periodicals in the British Isles, the London Lancet (1823) and the London Medical Gazette (1827), and in Ireland, only the Dublin Journal of Medical and Chemical Science (1832), a purely scientific publication.
The founders of the Medical Press were interested particularly in having a vehicle for medico-political purposes but not to the exclusion of the purely scientific. The question of women in the medical profession is featured in the issue of March 27, 1850, when there was reprinted from the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal an account by Miss Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D., an American lady, of a medical tour to London and Paris.
The work is well written, the author having a style which seems to make the dullest facts interesting reading. It is well printed with a good type on good paper and well illustrated. It contains much material relating to medical history in Great Britain during the past century, which, unfortunately, is unavailable because of the lack of an index of any kind.